The 6th ETSAP/Annex VI Workshop, was held on 26-28 October 1998 at the Iberotel Belpark Resort, Belek-Serik, Antalya, Turkey.

The Proceedings of the Workshop have been recently completed and have been sent to the ETSAP representatives and the Workshop participants. Under certain conditions (e.g. handling and administration costs), the proceedings are also available to other interested persons. For further information, please contact the ETSAP Secretariat, Manuela Loos (

Introduction to the Proceedings

Following an invitation from the Turkish representative in ETSAP, RETRU - Kocaeli University, the final Workshop under Annex VI was held on the southern coast of Turkey. In parallel, IEA-Annex 33 on 'Advanced Local Energy Planning' held its meetings at the same location, offering the welcome opportunity of a joint one-day meeting on Monday, 26 October.

After the joint meeting with Annex 33, the regular semi-annual internal ETSAP workshop took place, focusing on developing more concrete plans for continuation after expiration of the current Annex VI at the end of this calendar year. A draft proposal for an Annex VII was finalized, focusing on issues arising from the Kyoto Protocol of December 1997 and anticipated follow-up activities and future ETSAP research and analysis to address these issues. Results of very relevant multi-country analytical approaches and applications were presented and discussed to guide future activities in support of multi-lateral climate response strategies. A second line of research pursued in recent years addresses models with endogenized learning of technologies, illustrated by examples from ongoing work in the EU project TEEM, in which several ETSAP members participate.

In the preceding week the ETSAP technical model working group had met at IER Stuttgart to continue its work on developing the next generation of energy systems analysis models TIMES (The Integrated MARKAL/EFOM System). Progress reported indicates that, provided sufficient resources can be secured, TIMES can be developed into an operational package for distribution to other users by the end of Annex VII (for more detailed information on TIMES visit the ETSAP internet site or go directly to: TIMES.

The ETSAP meetings were concluded with the Executive Committee meeting on October 29. In addition to adopting a plan for development of a new Annex VII, supported by the vast majority of active participants in Annex VI, the committee decided in principle on a set of rules and guidelines for distribution of ETSAP software. These include contributions by non- ETSAP users into an R&D Fund aimed to raise additional resources for ongoing research on methodologies and tools.

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Papers presented

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