Vienna June 2003

Semi-annual ETSAP meeting

Index Workshop Vienna

International Energy Workshop
23-27 June 2003 at the Conference Center Laxenburg, AUSTRIA

Monday Morning 23 June 2003
Technical Session: Advances in MARKALG. Goldstein, A. Kanudia, K. Noble: MARKAL Software Advancements: Status & IssuesM New International Model: SAGE G. Goldstein, A. Kanudia, K. Noble: Extension of ANSWERv5 and GAMS-MARKAL code to permit Modelling of Lumpy Investments Monday Afternoon 23 June 2003
Modelling Activities SessionKen Harrison: USEPA EPA's six state regional MARKAL project and our methodological approach to scenario generation with MARKALOsamu Sato: Progress of Analytical Studies in JAERITanay Sidki Uyar, Marmara University: Initial MARKAL Data Analyses for TurkeyC. Eherer, T. Fahrid, T. Hamacher, IPP, Germany: Modelling activities with TIMES at the IPP GarchingTutorial Session: Advances in MARKALG. Goldstein, A. Kanudia, K. Noble: VEDA-Front-endTuesday Morning 24 June 2003

Opening and Welcome Address: Leen Hordijk - IIASA Director
Alan Manne, John Weyant, Fatih Birol, GianCarlo Tosato, Leo Schrattenholzer - Coordinators PLENARY SESSION I
CHAIRPERSON: Cesare Marchetti
Leo Schrattenholzer: Long-Term Energy-Economic-Environment Scenarios and Policy MakingHannes Jonsson: Towards Hydrogen Economy in Iceland Abstract - PresentationPhillip Tseng, John Lee, and Paul Friley: Hydrogen Economy: Opportunities and Challenges Absctract - Paper - PresentationDomenico Rossetti di Valdalbero: The EU Models and the High-level Group on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Abstract - PresentationNaomoto Uesugi: R&D Efforts for a Competitive MarketSteve Xia: General Electric's Hydrogen ResearchTuesday Afternoon 24 June 2003Ken Harrison: Hydrogen Infrastructure Modeling in USEPA-MARKAL Abstract - PresentationSocrates Kypreos: Modeling Experience Curves in MERGE Abstract - Paper / Figures - PresentationMarkus Blesl, Uwe Remme, and Ulrich Fahl: Sustainable Energy Supply in Germany - Scenario Analysis with Different CO2 Prices Abstract - PresentationLeonardo Barreto, Atsutoshi Makihira, and Keywan Riahi: The Hydrogen Economy in the 21st Century: A Sustainable Development Scenario Abstract - PresentationRichard Loulou and Amit Kanudia: Emission Permit Allocation Schemes and Industrial Growth: An Analysis Using MARKAL Abstract - PresentationCharles Ng: A Dynamic Programming Approach to Learning-by-Doing Abstract - PresentationOlev Liik, Rein Oidram and Matti Keel: Estimation of Real Emissions Reduction Caused by Wind Generators Abstract - Paper - PresentationKoen Smekens: Technological Changes in Long Term Transition Scenarios Abstract - PresentationThomas Alfstad, Gary Goldstein, David Victor, Lindsey Jeftha and Mark Howells: An Energy Model for a Low Income Rural African Village Abstract - Paper - PresentationWednesday Morning 25 June 2003
PLENARY SESSION II: Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) Study Hillard G. Huntington: EMF 20: Natural Gas, Fuel Diversity and North American Energy Markets Francisco de la Chesnaye, Casey Delhotal, and John Weyant: EMF 21: Multi-Gas Mitigation and Climate Change John P. Weyant: Technology and Climate Policy: EMF 19 and Global Climate and Energy Project (GCEP) Presentation1 - Presentation2Shunsuke Mori: Outline of the Integrated Assessment of Global Warming and its Mitigation Technologies in the Changing World Economy and Industry Project and some extensions of MARIA Abstract - Paper - PresentationWilliam Nordhaus: Climate Policy in a Unilateral World: Some Initial Thoughts Wednesday Afternoon 24 June 2003Fridtjof Unander, Carmen Difiglio and Dolf Gielen: IEA Energy Technology Perspectives Project: Using a Global Energy Technology Model to Investigate Technology Policy ScenariosAlan S. Manne and Gunter Stephan: Global Climate Change and the Equity-Efficiency Puzzle Abstract - Paper - PresentationDenise Van Regemorter and GianCarlo Tosato: Internalising Externalities in MARKAL - TIMES Models Abstract - PresentationPeter Rafaj and Socrates Kypreos: Internalisation of External Costs - Insights from Global Markal Model Abstract - Paper - PresentationFederico Santi and GianCarlo Tosato: White Certificates In MARKAL Models of Italy and Europe: Case Studies to Analyze Energy Efficiency Improvement Policies Abstract - PresentationHeesung Shin and Jongchul Hong: A Study on Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Potential of Steel and Iron Industry in Korea Abstract - Paper - PresentationMario Contaldi and Francesco Gracceva: Energy Scenarios for Italy Prepared by a General Equilibrium Model (MARKAL MACRO) AbstractPeter Read and Jonathan Lermit: Carbon Cycle Impacts of Plantation Land-Owners as Joint Producers of Timber and Fuel: Towards Incentive-Compatible Modeling of Land Use Change Policy Impacts Abstract - Paper - PresentationSanna Syri, Antti Lehtila, and Ilkka Savolainen: The Role of Technology Development in Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions - Case of Finland Abstract - Paper - PresentationAlfred Vo╬▓ and Ulrich Fahl: Sustainable Development in Energy: Comparative Assessment of Energy Options Paper - PresentationMonica Salvia, F. Pietrapertosa, C. Cosmi, M. Macchiato, G. Marmo: Approaching the Kyoto Targets: Key strategies for Local Communities Abstract - PresentationThursday Morning 26 June 2003PLENARY SESSION III
Fatih Birol: Global Energy Investment ChallengesPriyadarshi R. Shukla: Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries Paper - PresentationNebojsa Nakicenovic: The Methane Age and Beyond: The Emergence of New Energy TechnologiesRobert Ayres: The Economy as a Materials Processing System: A New Evolutionary Paradigm Abstract - PaperGianCarlo Tosato: ETSAP and Standardized Tools for Long Term Economic Modelling of Energy Systems Friday 27 June 2003

Towards the next generation modelsG. Goldstein et al.: Possible MARKAL EnhancementsU. Remme, A. Lehtila: TIMES