Stuttgart November 2006

Semi-annual ETSAP meeting

Index Semi-annual ETSAP Regular Workshop

Stuttgart - Semi Annual Workshop 2006
28th November - 1st December 2006 Stuttgart

Workshop Final Program

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Training on VEDA-TIMES

Amit Kanudia (KanORS) and Gary Goldstein(IRG)

Wednesday Morning, November 29, 2006

Training on TIMES Updates and future developments

Uwe Remme, Markus Blesl (IER)

Wednesday Afternoon, November 29, 2006

Using TIMES with other users interfaces
Ken Noble (Noble-Soft Systems)
Antti Lehtila (VTT, Fin)
Bruno Merven (ERC SA)
Denise Van Regemorter (K. U. Leuven), Wouter Nijs (VITO)
Markus Blesl (IER)
P.E. Grohnheit (RISO)
Richard Loulou (KANLO)
Richard Loulou (KANLO)

Thursday Morning, November 30, 2006

TIMES integrated assessment model (TIAM)

Richard Loulou (KANLO)
Maryse Labriet
Uwe Remme
Antti Lehtila (VTT, Fin)

Richard Loulou (KANLO)
Dolf Gielen (IEA)
Chirstian Eherer(EFDA),
Martin Baumann (EFDA)

Thursday Afternoon, November 30, 2006

Future developments of TIAM

Richard Loulou, Maryse Labriet
Uwe Remme (IER)
Amit Kanudia (KanORS)

Friday, December 1, 2006 (9.00 - 13.00)
ETSAP Executive Committee Meeting

IEA/ETSAP Executive Committee Meeting
Restricted to the representatives of ETSAP Contracting Parties and invited experts.
Draft Agenda and Annexes have been circulated separately

Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme
Annex X: Global Energy Systems and Common Analyses