Paris July 2008

Semi-annual ETSAP meeting

Index Semi-annual ETSAP Regular Workshop

Paris - Semi Annual Workshop 2008
3rd - 4th July 2008 Paris

Workshop Final Program

Monday - Wednesday, June 30 - July 2, 2008

International Energy Workshop IEW2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008
Parallel sessions

Parallel Session 1: ETSAP - IEW extension

Chair: Leo Schrattenholzer

Anjana Das, Erik Ahlgren
Ramachandran Kannan
Poul Erik Grohnheit, Kenneth Karlsson, Marie Munster Waste-to-energy technologies in TIMES models
T. Hamacher, J. Herrmann, F. Botzenhart, P. Muhlich, P. Bohme Energy models for urban planning: the slow track to more energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions
Victoria Alexeeva-Talebi, Niels Anger Supra-European Emissions Trading Schemes: An Efficiency and International Trade Analysis
Martin Bartelt Economic effects of greenhouse gas emissions reduction on a local level
Markus Blesl, Tom Kober, David Bruchof The role of technologies and structural changes in the energy system of the EU 27 to achieve the 440 ppm target
Thomas Alfstad, Paul Friley, Audrey Lee Energy Independence and Security Act 2007: Impacts on US GHG emissions and energy security
Pascal Muehlich, Thomas Hamacher, Tobias Hartmann Global transportation scenarios in the multi regional EFDA-TIMES energy model
Cheddi Kiravu

Parallel Session 2: ETSAP regular workshop

Chair: Maryse Labriet

Machteld van den Broek
Socrates Kypreos
DeniseVan Regemorter Wouter Nijs
EU-objectives on climate change and renewable energy for 2020 in Belgium
Neil Strachan Soft-linking UK MARKAL to a GIS interface to investigate spatial aspects of new hydrogen infrastructures
Mark Barrett Innovative Simulation and Optimisation Techniques for Energy Systems with a High Renewable Component
Uwe Remme Modelling Hubbert curves as MIP formulation in TIMES
Francesco Gracceva, Umberto Ciorba MARKAL-Italy: mitigation cost curve by technology group
Joao Cleto, Sofia Simoes, Patricia Fortes, Julia Seixas The role of energy efficiency in Portugal for compliance with 2020 GHG emission targets
Jan Duerinck Assessment and improvement of methodologies used for Greenhouse Gas projections
Pieter Lodewijks, Erika Meynaerts The Environmental Costing Model: the methodology explained for a multi-pollutant MIP model with different applications
Tanay S. Uyar, Mustafa Saglam, Egemen Sulukan About the new version of Turkish MARKAL model

Thursady afternoon: Advance in ETSAP tools

Chair: GianCarlo Tosato

Antti Lehtila Alternative Objective Function Formulations in TIMES
Ken Noble ANSWER-TIMES users interface: presentation of the fully functional users interface
Amit Kanudia VEDA users interface: updates

Friday, July 4, 2008
Parallel sessions

Parallel Session 1

Workshop on data, models and methodologies of the REACCESS EC FP7 project
Chair: prof. Evasio Lavagno

Parallel Session 2

Working with the ETSAP-TIAM model and calibrating the national regions
Chair: Uwe Remme
Maryse Labriet, et al (presented by Uwe Remme) The ETSAP-TIAM global multi-regional model: organisation of the information (templates, scenario files, how to build the service demands)
Amit Kanudia The procedure that extracts a country and adds it as a new region

F. Gracceva, U. Ciorba, G.C. Tosato, M. Gargiulo

The path towards the calibration of the extracted region: the example of Italy
Roberta Quadrelli Electricity, Heat, and CHP in the IEA National Energy Balances

Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme
Annex X: Global Energy Systems and Common Analyses