Dattwil October 2000

Semi-annual ETSAP meeting

4th ETSAP-VII Meeting, 16 - 19 October 2000, Summary and Proceedings

Location: ABB Corporate Research Center, Baden-Dattwil, Switzerland

The Proceedings of the Workshop have been recently completed and will be sent to the ETSAP representatives and to the Workshop participants within a few weeks. Under certain conditions (e.g. handling and administration costs), the proceedings are also available to other interested persons. For further information, please contact the ETSAP Secretariat, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Introduction to the Proceedings

The ETSAP meeting in the fall of 2000 took place in Switzerland, following an invitation by the Swiss ETSAP partner (PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute) and ABB, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of energy equipment. The regular semi-annual ETSAP workshop was scheduled back-to-back with a workshop of the China Energy Technology Program (CETP), initiated by ABB Corporate Research in conjunction with the Alliance for Global Sustainability, universities and Chinese organisations. This allowed for a one-day joint CETP/ETSAP seminar 'Regional and Global Climate Change Concerns and Policy Options' on 16 October. The various approaches and models applied within CETP were presented and discussed, followed by presentations by various representatives of the ETSAP community. The well-organised event, chaired by Mr. Baldur Eliasson of ABB, was highly appreciated by all participants, and it was agreed to organise a second similar event in future to exchange progress in both programmes. The next two days were devoted to the regular ETSAP Workshop, discussing progress and further plans for work under Annex VII, but also initiating thinking about possible future activities after 2001. Very positive reports were given on the development of the new generation energy model TIMES and user interfaces to operate the software. Also in the field of development of new algorithms to solve large (non-linear) programs very promising progress was reported from the University of Geneva. Furthermore model applications and studies in the US, Germany, Norway, Italy and the Netherlands were reported. Preliminary results from an innovative PSI study combining the concept of technological learning with various degrees of global coordination to combat climate change were considered of interest for the wider audience engaged in the UNFCCC process. Hence it was decided to develop a presentation on this specific subject for the participants at the 6th session of the Conference of the Parties (CoP-6) meeting from 13 to 24 November in The Hague. In the afternoon of October 18 the Executive Committee met and discussed the work plan and procedures for development of future activities, as well as new policies towards 'sleeping' parties to the ETSAP Implementing Agreement. This time the meeting of the technical modeling group on Thursday 19 October concluded the series of meetings. A plan for further testing and development of shells was agreed, aiming to provide interim results for consideration at the next full ETSAP meeting in the spring of 2001.

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Papers Presented

(PDF files of some of the presentations are now available and indicated)

Monday 16 OCTOBER

B. Eliasson

S. Kypreos

S.R. Connors

R. Dones

T. Kram

A. Manne

P. Freund

Tuesday 17 OCTOBER

F. Unander

B. Kapilow-Cohen

U. Remme

K. Smekens

K. Noble

A. Kanudia

O. Epelly

Wednesday 18 OCTOBER

L. Barreto

D. Hill

L. Alm

G.-C. Tosato

G.-C. Tosato, on behalf of D. Scaramuccia

G.-C. Tosato, on behalf of M. Contaldi

T. Kram

Thursday 19 OCTOBER


F. Baumhoegger