Acquiring ETSAP Tools

The TIMES source code is available under a GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v. 3.0 and can be accessed directly from GitHub as describe below.

The source code is written in GAMS (General Algebraic Modelling Language).

The VErsatile Data Analyst (VEDA) is a commercially available robust model management system which handles all aspects of working with TIMES.

TIMES Source Code

The TIMES source code can be downloaded from GitHub.


Conditions for use and access


Obtaining GAMS and VEDA

GAMS is commercial software and a valid license is required. For most model applications a linear programming (LP) solver will be appropriate; more advanced features require the use of mixed integer programming (MIP) solver or non-linear solver (NLP). Solvers may be open source or proprietary and are either integrated as part of the GAMS system or should be capable to be called from GAMS.

Fully functional 60-days evaluation versions and purchase options for GAMS and VEDA are available here.

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