ETSAP DemoS Models

The DemoS models provide step-by- step introduction to build a TIMES model in the VEDA-Front End (VEDA-FE) model management software. It first offers an orientation to the basic features of VEDA-FE, including software layout, data files and tables, and model management features. It then describes in detail twelve Demo models that progressively introduce VEDA-TIMES principles and modeling techniques.

VEDA-TIMES Demo Models
This is a set of VEDA-TIMES models that start from an energy balance of EU27 and focuses on building a model incrementally employing a standard approach to describing the underlying Reference Energy System (RES) and careful naming conventions. The model starts with a simple supply curve feeding a single demand and grows step by step to build out the RES adding new commodities, technologies and regions; introducing new parameters and more advanced TIMES modelling features along the way.

VEDA-TIMES Advanced Demo Model
The advanced VEDA-TIMES DemoS steps are based on the structure developed for the basic VEDA-TIMES DemoS (from DemoS_001 to DemoS_012), using a series of six steps implemented through additional scenarios and subres workbooks, to progressively include some additional VEDA-TIMES features. The complete VEDA-TIMES Advanced Demo is assembled in the single VEDA_Models subfolder called DemoS_Adv. In this folder are all the sub-folders and Excel workbooks needed by VEDA for setting up and using the model.