True commodity load avilability curve

I'm new for Answer-TIMES and this forum as well. Right now i am trying to use TIMES for modeling a regional energy system. So far so good, but i have two questions:

1. Do i need to specify the load profile and production availability curve (FLO_FR) of a commodity for any process? isn't enough if i specify only the demand profile (COM_FR) so that the process could follow the demand profile?

2. I do not understand if COM_CSTPRD parameter is the unit commodity production cost or total cost of annual production?


Welcome to the ETSAP TIMES modeling community!

Some answers:

1. Using FLO_FR is usually not needed.  If the demand has a COM_FR specified for it, and the processes producing the demand are at the ANNUAL level, then any input(s) of DAYNITE level commodities to the demand processes will have DAYNITE level flows and will reproduce the load curves defined for the demands. However, if the demand processes are at the DAYNITE level, then you will need to ensure that the load profile for each individual demand process is appropriate, by using either  NCAP_AF of FLO_FR for each timeslice.

2. COM_CSTPRD defines a cost per unit of commodity production.  For example, if your currency unit is MEUR2010 (millions of 2010 Euros) and your flow unit is PJ, defining COM_CSTPRD(r,y,c,ANNUAL,MEUR2010)=1.7 means a cost of 1.7 EUR2010 per GJ.

Thank you very much Antii, for your prompt reply and clear answer !!



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