Cash flow distribution over the construction time
I want to input cash flow be distributed over the construction time.

For example: The construction time for nuclear power plants is assumed to be six years with the following cash flows.

Year 1: 5%; Year 2: 15%; Year 3: 25%; Year 4: 30%; Year 5: 20%; Year 6: 5%

How can I do this?

In TIMES, internal calculation of the interest during construction (IDC) is supported only by assuming that the construction costs are evenly distributed over the lead time specified (NCAP_ILED). In many cases this gives a sufficiently good approximation.

When it is not sufficient, you can always calculate the IDC manually and add it to the overnight cost. Use the resulting total value as the NCAP_COST, and remove any ILED>0.

I fully support Antti-L answer. GCT

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