technology development in CO2 reduction target
    I have been using the TIMES model for optimaztion of the power system in Tianjin.  However, I'm a new one of using the TIMES model , some questions came to me. Details as followed:
    1)  The renewable energy electricity generation processes were limited in total capacity (parameter CAP_BAND). The relatively cheap technologies like hydropower, geothermal energy would be utilized to their largest capacity from 2005 to 2050 (the whole period from 2005 to 2050), no matter whether the CO2 emission reduction target was set. I think it's strange. Which part do I may make a mistake?

   2) There is another similar problem.  When the CO2 reduction target was applied in 2050, the technologies like photovoltaic power generation system would be utilized only in 2050. While, I think it's oddt. Which part do  I may made a mistake?

    3) Have you used the learniing curve in the model? Whether it made a big impct on the technology development? While in my anaysis, it didn't, I'm not sure whether this is right or not? 

All help is appreciated!
Thanks so much for the help.

Welcome to the Forum, Liuxi!

I am sorry that there have been no answers to your post yet, but let's hope that some of the many TIMES modeling experts will respond. My personal feeling is that you have probably not made any bad mistakes at all, but the model may just need further fine-tuning to make it behave more realistically, like it is almost always the case with new models.  

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