Time stepped stochastic model
I am not able to use time-stepped solve in stochastic model in Answer. Is this combination not compatible with the TIMES code?

NB. The stochastic model is with SPINES


Time-stepped solution was indeed originally supposed to be functional with SPINES, but I have not tested that for a long time.

Could you explain what "I am not able to use" means.  Do you get some errors in the listing file, or what the problem seems to be?


See attached figure.

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Regular Stochastic + time-stepped is not supported, and it cannot be, because hedging against the future would not work with the time-stepped mode.

For SPINES, it was originally meant to work, because with recurring uncertainties the myopic approach works, but I can see now that at the moment it is not usable due to some code changes.

I will re-enable that functionality in the next version.

Thank you for the clarification and fast response Smile

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