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I have a very basic question regarding how to define the RES of a new model (building from scratch).

I've seen that some models change the names of fuels for some reason that I cannot decipher (for example, TIAM seems to do it, but I don't have access to the database so as to know exactly the reason for it, I've only seen a picture of a simplified RES). They seem to only change names not to what commodity set (type) they belong to.
For example, MinNatgas - Natgas (fossil) - ProcessXXX(to change name)- ELCNatgas (fossil)-
Power Generatorxx - Electricity (ELC) - Residential demand.
In a case like this one, what could be the objective of introducing a prc like "ProcessXXX” to change the name of the fuel? or what parameters/results will be added to the model run that will help in some way to the modeller? What happens with a process that uses more than one fuel?

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There may be several reasons for changing the name of an energy carrier by interposing a process. In this case the ‘ProcessXXX’ is used to account for CO2 emissions. In other words ELCNatgas (fossil) is carbon free, while Natgas (fossil) is not. This procedure helps to keep track of the sectors where CO2 is emitted. gct

I know it's been a while since the last message was posted, but every time I want to create a new RES, i keep on thinking which is the best way to do it and some questions keep coming.
Can somebody please tell me more reasons why someone would want to change the name of a process/energy carrier apart from the one already given by GCT?
You may want to add a tax / subsidy; or you need to add a UC, and interposing a process would make it more understandable; or you need a new process for better aggregating results in VEDA-BE tables; etc.
Thanks again, and thank you for the fast response Thumbs Up

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