request for information
Hello to all.

Ghouali Yassine Zakaria, PhD researcher at the University of Algeria.

I want to develop a model for the Times long term planning of the Algerian power sector.

I have a question about it, how much I will have time to review my thesis to finish.

thank you to answer me.
Hi, Yassine
I am not sure I'll be able to answer your question, but i don't understand what you want to know. Maybe you can explain it a bit more so.
Hi, Sara

I want to know how long I will have to complete a Times model.

Thank you.
usually, the university tells you how much time you have to complete your research. So, I guess, you are concerned if you are going to be able to finish in time...That's personal, it depends on how much time you dedicate...But, in my opinion, if you are the only one working with TIMES in your university (and maybe in your country!), I wouldn't recommend you to do it. It doesn't mean it cannot be done, it means it's harder, it can potentially take more time, and I think you learn less from it, because you don't have anyone to share your research with.
But that's my personal opinion...if I understood your question Smile
good luck!

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