ETSAP Programme of Work for 2014/15
ETSAP decides on its annual programme of work at each mid-year ExCo meeting, with the next taking place in Beijing in June 2014.

I'm creating this topic for everyone to contribute ideas about what they would like to be funded by ETSAP in 2014/15.  I hope that people will take these ideas into consideration when proposing projects, perhaps with multi-institution consortia proposing larger projects where appropriate.  The aim is to better match the ETSAP research programme to the needs of the community.

Let me start with two ideas:

1) Revise the TIMES manual to rationalise the 24 existing manuals into a single cohesive structure.  The current main manual was published in 2005 so think of this as the decennial update that covers the last 10 years of development.

2) Multi-sector MACRO model for TIMES.

Please post any ideas that you have here.  Also, if you really like and want to support an idea, then tell everyone!



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