ETSAP Training + Workshop Beijing 2014
Hi all,

I was wondering whether there is already information available on the venue for the TIMES training courses and the ETSAP Workshop (and possibly some recommended hotels nearby)?

Also, the website states that there is a possibility that the training courses will not take place if there would be too few subscriptions. Is it certain that the training courses will take place this time?

Any information is welcome as I'm planning to book my flight (and hotel) in the near future.


I signed up for training "VEDA-TIMES basic courses" to be held in Beijing from 28 to 30 May.

I would really like this to be contacted together in Beijing.

Thank you.

do anyone know how long does ETSAP take to respond/provide the free 60 days evaluation version of the ETSAP model generator. I have submitted the online form and the duly filled and signed LoA.

Dorji Yangka
(from Bhutan)
I got their response within 2, 3 days.

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