Denise Van Regemorter

Relatives, colleagues and friends

I'm here to share the sadness for the loss of Denise and to convey a tribute to Denise. I do this personally, as a colleague for more than 20 years now, and on behalf of the colleagues working with MARKAL-TIMES models.

Initially Denise was a good colleague of all of us at work, focused on improving the common modelling tools. Denise was carrying the understanding of a full blood economist to a community mainly of engineers. The colleagues will remember her as a very dynamic and dedicated person who brought high level theoretical but still practical contributions to the ETSAP community.

With the years the pleasure to work with Denise became friendship. We will remember most her warmth, openness, good nature and pleasantness. On behalf of those friends – Amit, Richard, Maurizio, Socrates, Evasio, Kathleen, Maryse, Francis to mention a few – I convey the you our respect and sympathy.

I convey as well the admiration of dozens of young economists and engineers who from Denise learnt the art of modelling. Young women in particular were inspired by the strong, intelligent and hard-working woman she was. And as one of the young researchers reminded me, he learnt to put aside secondary issue to get to essential from Denise's repeating him: "Non mais ça ce n'est pas important ça!".

(on behalf of ETSAP, read at the funeral held in Brussels, Uccle Crematorium, on February 27, 2013) 


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