EC tender on integration of TIMES with grid models

Hi everyone,

I thought the following invitation to tender might be of interest to some of you. 

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) - Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) of the European Commission has launched an open call for tender for 'the integration of TIMES-based energy system modelling with electricity grid modelling'.


If you are interested in tendering you are invited to check the information available under the following internet links: (in the Official Journal)


The tendering documentation has been made available on our calls for tender website under the filter IET with reference IET/2012/F07/001/OC. The website link is:     


As this call for tender is managed electronically, you are strongly advised to check this site regularly for updated and additional information.


This email is for information purposes only. Any further contacts concerning this procedure are to occur as described in the invitation to tender letter available on the above mentioned call for tender site (to the attention of Ms. Jelierse, Procurement Office, E-mail:


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