How to disaggregate CO2 emission factors
I am trying to enter a new tech on my model via SubRES. To describe it I have used several commodities as input fuels (INDCOK, INDBIO, INDSLU, etc.). I want to disaggregate the emission factors of each one, I mean: in the case of the INDCOK, the emission factor considered in the model is 101.2 (kt per Mt of material produced). This value is for ETSCO2 (emissions due to the combustion). I want to add in the SubRES template, the INDCO2N (considering the 15% of ETSCO2), the INDSCO2N (considering that the 85% of the combustion emissions go to storage) and the INDCO2P (the emissions due to process).
In the SubRES template I only could add new columns "EMISSIONS~ETSCO2", "EMISSIONS~INDCO2N", and "EMISSIONS~INDSCO2N". The VEDAFE software only reads the last row I enter so I cannot disaggregate the total emission factors.
The reason is that I want to know the contribution of each one of the input fuels to the emissions after I run the model, i.e. To know what fuels the model uses and their quantities.
If I remember correctly, the EMISSIONS attribute in VEDA is just an alias for FLO_EMIS specified on the activity. According to my experience with VEDA-FE, I have not seen such problems, but VEDA-FE does read all the different emission factors specified (not only the last one), as long as the all the emission commodities have been declared in the commodity definition table (~FI_COMM). Note that by using the full FLO_EMIS syntax you can define the fuel-dependent emission factors (e.g. for INDCOK) also directly on the input flows, instead of the activity.
Anyway, your question appears to be mainly related to the VEDA-FE user shell, and so you might get it better answered on the VEDA Forum:
Thank you very much for your quick answer, Antti. I will ask in Kanors forum.

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