Periods set in Answer-TIMES
I have built a TIMES model with the time periods from 2010-2050. Now, I want to change the periods to 2010-2100.
How can I do? Or should I build a new model?
Many thanks
Are you building the model by writing the Gams code, using veda-fe or answer ?
I used Answer
Open the database, and in the "file" tab there are the options to add or delete new time periods to the database. Good luck. Sara

Xiang, To provide a little more detail on what Sara has already advised, open your database and invoke "File, Add New Time Periods to Database". For TS parameters, you will then need to address the issue of what you want the numeric values to be in the new time periods that you add. This is probably most efficiently done from the Parameter tab, where you can see all instances of a given parameter. Ken

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