Constraint the emissions to specific technologies

I am trying to constraint the emission of different fuels, yet only when used by gasoline and diesel cars. I tried this by setting a constraint and define the process name (the name that I call the vehicles). 

Yet, when I look at my results I can see that this is not working, as all vehicles using diesel and gasoline (like HVO and ethanol) are not used, when I just want to constraint when is gasoline and diesel cars. 

Any help?


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I think you need to use a user constraint.  COM_BNDNET sets a bound on the total VAR_COMNET, which does not have a process index at all, and so all the PSet_PN in your screenshot are ignored. However, constraining emissions of different fuels only when used by gasoline and diesel cars would require either the emissions being accounted at the vehicle processes, or modeling separate fuel technologies for gasoline and diesel cars.

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