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I try to generate a scenario where I want to increase efficiency or other attributes of already defined technologies. For this reason, I use a ~TFM_UPD table (enclosed file). When I sync the model I see that only EFF and NCAP_Cost are considered and not the AF or Share-I attributes. When I add TIMESLICES for these parameters, I get error even. Could please let me know the problem in this table?


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Share-I is not working because you have ACT in Other_Indexes col. Just removing that should get it to work. AF must have a similar issue, but I don't see it in the doc you attached.

In general, you should use the minimum specification to identify values uniquely, and don't use default entries that are inserted by Veda. Like the commodity_group for FLO_SHAR, if not specified by the user.

If you are looking to generate values for indexes that don't exist in the seed values, then see the scenarios Demo_MIG* in this model:

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