What's the best way to model tax credit?
(07-03-2021, 11:45 PM)Antti-L Wrote: Hmm..., do you mean you car capacity is in Gvkm/a? But surely the investment costs must still be based on car prices, no?  If so, I guess you must have been converting them from, say USD/car  to MUSD/(Gvkm/a)?  In that case, you know what those unit conversion factors are, and you would just need to take them into account when applying NCAP_FTAX / NCAP_FSUB or NCAP_ITAX / NCAP_ISUB.

I am not sure what you mean by an investment tax-credit being proportion-based, and so find it hard to comment on that.

Sorry for the confusion. The conversion makes sense. I will try that.

In terms of proportion based tax-credit policies, I am actually referring to tax credit for the installation of solar PVs (sorry again for jumping from transportation sector to residential sector). Since the common type of such tax credit will be percentage of solar PV system. So how should I model that? (should I identify the total investment of solar PV in that year and based on the percentage to calculate the credit, and then use NCAP_FTAX / NCAP_FSUB or NCAP_ITAX / NCAP_ISUB?)

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