Unexpected termination of run
I am trying to solve simple least cost generation expansion planning problem using VEDA TIMES. My model consists of only one sector and 4 time slices. Navigation window shows ALL OK but when I try to solve the problem it shows unexpected termination of run and following errors are reported in QA_CHECKLOG-Notepad.

 ****** TIMES -- VERSION 4.4.3 -- Restart (v4.4)  ******
              **************   QUALITY ASSURANCE LOG   **************

 *** GAMS Warnings Detected.

 *** User-provided G_YRFR values are not valid year fractions
 *01 WARNING       - TS fractions normalized,  (R.TSL.S)=NEP.ANNUAL.ANNUAL

 *** Commodities/processes defined at non-existing TSLVL
 *01 WARNING       - Number of COM/PRC resetted to coarser level: 3/12

 *** COM_FR does not sum to unity (T=first year)
 *01 WARNING       - Normalized to 1,   R=NEP          C=TEC          (T=2018)

 *** Internal Region without Discount Rate
 *99 FATAL ERROR   -     R=NEP

 *** RPC in TOP not found in any ACTFLO/FLO_SHAR/FLO_FUNC/FLO_SUM
 *01 WARNING       -     R=NEP          P=HYDRE        C=HYDR         IO=IN
 *01 WARNING       -     R=NEP          P=HYDRN        C=HYDR         IO=IN

I have checked several times sum of YRFR and COM_FR both are unity and discount rate of 0.04 is declared for all regions in syssettings. Can anaybody please help me to get rid of this error? I am really stuck since several days.

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