CO2 emission constraint not binding
(05-08-2020, 11:19 PM)Antti-L Wrote: Ok, thanks again, I received the full set of DD files now.

I tested the model, and I can now confirm that you have modelled the CO2 cap incorrectly, just as I suspected. If you want to model a binding CO2 cap, you should of course not enable dummy imports for user constraints, because the whole point of those dummy imports is to make the user constraints non-binding, to avoid infeasibility. Nonetheless, the model shows that you have indeed enabled those dummy imports.

My test revealed in the model results that the level of the dummy import flows was 93.2 for the zero CO2 cap constraint in 2050, which is of course exactly the sum of the VAR_COMNET levels over regions. In summary, it seems that you have deliberately modelled the CO2 cap in a non-binding way, by allowing dummy imports to intervene.

I hope that helps.
Thank you very much! Does it mean to change the value of the attached file (highlighted "created dummy...") to be both zero? in the SysSettings workbook. I am testing it now.

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