Questions about NCAP_CEH and FLO_SHAR in VEDA-FE
(09-05-2020, 07:20 PM)AKanudia Wrote: There are no values declared for NCAP_CHPR... not sure I understand your question.

Are you working in a group?
I want to find a way to improt LimType to FE. As you advice, I can use "FI_T:LO" to import LO bound and it works well. If the LimType column works well, I can define all NCAP_CHPR data in one table. But if I use "FI_T:LO" and "FI_T:UP", I need to define two table. There are many other data in different regions and sectors which I need to deal with, I want to know why the LimType column didn't work to mininize the number of tables and simplify my work.
Does the LimType column of TFM_UPD table defines the available bound type of specific attribute in the whole model? 
I am a beginner of FE, and working in a group. But I work alone in the model building work on FE.

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