Questions about NCAP_CEH and FLO_SHAR in VEDA-FE
I think you can do in VEDA-FE mostly all what you can in ANSWER, but in some cases attribute names may be different.
Concerning NCAP_CEH, please search for CEH in the Parameter box at the top of Attributes master, and you should find VDA_CEH (=alias for NCAP_CEH).

Of course, you must define a bound type with FLO_SHAR. The parameter will not work without a bound. In VEDA-FE, you can put it in the LimType column, or you can use the ~ syntax in the columns of FI_T tables.

Please consider posting VEDA-related questions on the VEDA Forum, as the VEDA experts are mostly lurking there and not here (I am not one).

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