Executing EPAUS9rT database- Sync errors
(24-01-2020, 03:53 PM)Antti-L Wrote: This is a VEDA-related issue, but I think that message should only appear when there are no matching processes that have the commodity specified (Pset_CI) as an input. How many of those error message are you getting?  You can check the rows by clicking on the Check column in the Import Errors. If the error appears only for some of the rows in the INS table, those rows should have a non-matching process-commodity pair, and you can then correct them. But if the error comes from all rows in the table, that would be confusing.

Hello Antti-L,

I'm getting about 77 of these error messages. You are right. I checked the scenario file and I think there is a mismatch between the process set and the year. I will remove all the rows from the scenario file that are causing the error.

Also, I have another question. I'm trying to pull the price of electricity produced by coal-fired power plants from VEDA_BE. The process set would be ELC-COAL, the commodity would be ELC. What attribute corresponds to the price of this electricity produced? 

Thank you very much,


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