Constraints of trade process can not work
Thanks for the follow up, good to hear that it works now.

You can use IRE_FLO for modelling the transmission efficiency (and thereby the loss), but alternatively, you could use IRE_FLOSUM, to explicitly allocate the losses into the importing / exporting region. For example,

 IRE_FLOSUM(reg,year,prc,'ELC','ANNUAL','IMP','ELC','OUT') = -0.04;

This would define a loss of 4%, by defining an auxiliary negative ELC output of 4% in proportion to the gross imported amount of ELC via the IRE process prc, and so the net output of ELC from the process would be 1-0.04 = 96% of the gross amount. Hence, in this case the loss would be explicitly allocated to the importing region reg. The capacity requirements for the process would be according to gross amount in both regions (importing/exporting region).

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