Constraints of trade process can not work
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I cannot see any ACT_BND being defined in your screenshot, and neither I can see any years in the screenshots, and so it is not clear which parameters you are actually defining for which years, and what are the results in those years. So, your current screenshot is not sufficiently informative.

What is the topology of the process (does it have several commodities and/or both imports and exports)? And what is the primary group (PG)?

ACT_BND would define a bound on the activity. If your PG consists of several commodities and/or both imports and exports, the activity will be the sum of the flows, and the bound will be defined on that. But if that is fine to you, that should certainly work. And in your case, you seem to have only exports from HUNA to GUAX, and so and ACT_BND should work well.

FLO_BND(r,y,p,ELC,ANNUAL,UP) defines an ANNUAL upper bound on the flow(s) of ELC. Again, FLO_BND defined for a commodity is applied to the sum of the import and export flows of that commodity if the process has both import and export flows. But you can also bound the net imports by using NRG as the commodity group instead of ELC.

Remember also that both ACT_BND and FLO_BND are not by default interpolated/extrapolated, and so you should probably need to define an interpolation option as well.

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