Heat storage

I would like to add heat storage technologies to enable storage of heat from district heating production technologies. Enclosed please find my Tables. Everything seems correct but I get strange results. I get flow-out from the less costly heat storage technology but there is no capacity investment for it. Could you please help me with this problem?

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I tested with a model including your storage processes, and I cannot reproduce you findings.

I am not seeing any output from STGHCE01 or STGHCE02 (because they have efficiency losses).  But in order to understand and explain why your model behaves in such a way, I think one would first need to be able to reproduce the issue. Maybe you could provide me the whole model in order to reproduce your findings?  The *.DD files and the *.RUN file would be sufficient, but the listing file *.LST would also be useful.  Then it would be easy to explain and help with the issue.

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