TIMES v4.2.9 now available – important info for Macro users
Dear TIMES users,

TIMES v4.2.9 is now being released.

The new release includes important fixes to the Macro variants, which were not working correctly in versions v4.2.0–v4.2.8, due to unexpected side-effects caused by a new feature introduced in v4.2.0 (shaping of capacity transfer coefficients).  The problems affect only the Macro variants (standard Macro & Macro MSA). Thanks to Ken Noble, the problems were discovered recently.

Apart from the fixes to the Macro variants, the new version contains only small improvements, see the change log for details.

Download link: http://www.kanors-emr.org/download.php  

My sincere apologies to all Macro users for these problems. In the future, much more regular testing with the Macro variants will be exercised.

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