Important info about TIMES v3.9.5–v3.9.7

During Spring and Summer 2016, large parts of the TIMES code were revised in order to improve the consistency of the GAMS code with the updated TIMES documentation. Although the changes were not supposed to cause any change in functionality, one reasonably severe bug was slipped into TIMES v3.9.5–v3.9.7. This bug affects the accounting of fixed costs when using the standard objective formulation without using the OBLONG switch.

As the maintainer of the TIMES code, I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this bug may have caused. The bug has been fixed in the latest version, v.3.9.8, released today. Therefore, all users who use the standard objective formulation without using the OBLONG switch should upgrade to the latest version (or downgrade to v.3.9.3).

Download link:

While slipping the bug into the code was inexcusable, please note that because of some known deficiencies of the standard objective formulation, it is indeed highly recommended to use the OBLONG switch with it, which also eliminates the bug.

If you have encountered any other problems with TIMES versions v3.9.0–v3.9.7, please report on the TIMES Sub-Forum, so that any remaining problems could be addressed before the next Major Release, version 4.0. I am hoping that version v4.0 will also be the most stable TIMES release ever.

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation,

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