Integration of Two Seperate Models
(07-03-2016, 07:57 AM)sld Wrote: I haven't had the need to integrate 2 models myself, but I would think that if the two models have the same periods, commodities, etc.; then you could do it by:
1- Run each of the models.
2- Look for the .DD files (in my case they are in the GamsWrkTi folder).
3- Create a New Database in Answer-Times (empty)
4- import the 2 DD files
You can give it a try, if you haven't found a way yet.
Also, once the new database is done, you'll have to create the links between the 2 internal regions in terms of trading, for example.

Another way may be to just go on the web and look for "how to merge .mdb files".
Again, I haven't done it myself.
Good luck!
Thanks SLD and my apology for such a delayed reply.

I am using ANSWER TIMES Export and Import excel feature to do the integration and it does most of the work for me. However the user constraint I have to re-do but it still saves a lot of time as I am able to import/Export process, commodity, process filter, etc.

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