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I have a very basic question regarding how to define the RES of a new model (building from scratch).

I've seen that some models change the names of fuels for some reason that I cannot decipher (for example, TIAM seems to do it, but I don't have access to the database so as to know exactly the reason for it, I've only seen a picture of a simplified RES). They seem to only change names not to what commodity set (type) they belong to.
For example, MinNatgas - Natgas (fossil) - ProcessXXX(to change name)- ELCNatgas (fossil)-
Power Generatorxx - Electricity (ELC) - Residential demand.
In a case like this one, what could be the objective of introducing a prc like "ProcessXXX” to change the name of the fuel? or what parameters/results will be added to the model run that will help in some way to the modeller? What happens with a process that uses more than one fuel?

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