IEA-ETSAP Website, Suggestions

Delegates and users ask to improve our web site: what are your suggestions?

So far what was our target audience? Mainly users! How can we better serve them?

  • ·        Delegates?
  • ·        Licensed users?
  • ·        Modellers?
  • ·        Other experts?

Do you think that it is important to present our contributions also to non-users, who don't know anything about ETSAP and MARKAL-TIMES? How can our web site become a valuable and reliable source of information for:

  • ·        Journalists?
  • ·        Policy makers?
  • ·        Informed citizens?
  • ·        Associations?
  • ·        Students?

What are we trying to say? What contributions would you highlight and make available to non-users through our web site?

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