Denise Van Regemorter

As time goes by things unveil

We then realize what gifts the people we've met brought to us

We then understand the importance of a king encouragement on one's path

We then feel the uniqueness and great value of the fragile lives we have

Denise  received me as a visiting Phd student for 3 months at Leuven. Her encouragements, trust and affection have been very important in forming my own approach of research and our exchanges as colleagues have always been a positive addition to my thoughts. A very rigorous researcher only topped by the very kind and helpful person she was.

In this moment of sorrow, I would like to express to those dearest to you Denise, my gratitude for your vibrant and communicative desire to encourage young researcher and make them confident that they can contribute something. As many others I benefited from It. Thank you for this example of a valuable life for knowledge but more importantly for people.

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