Add taxes for just the three first years
Ok, you are defining a fixed tax, which is the easy case, as I mentioned already.

You just need to define a SHAPE index and a linking NCAP_FTAXX, as follows:  First choose any vacant number (2-999) for the SHAPE index, e.g. 33 (if that is still unused in your model).  Remember that index 1 is always reserved. Then define the SHAPE profile:

  SHAPE('33','1') = 1;   (for age=1)
  SHAPE('33','2') = 1;   (for age=2)
  SHAPE('33','3') = 1;   (for age=3)
  SHAPE('33','4') = 0;   (for age=4)

As you can see, the value is 1 for ages 1 to 3 and then zero. When these multipliers are applied, you will thus get a tax only for the first three operating years. (Under VEDA, the index number goes to Other_indexes, and the age goes to Year.)  Then you still need to define the linking NCAP_FTAXX, which defines the SHAPE index to be used for the NCAP_FTAX:

  NCAP_FTAXX(r, '2022', 'TCANDSLBL') = 33;
  NCAP_FTAXX(r, '2022', 'TCANGSLBL') = 33;
  NCAP_FTAXX(r, '2022', 'TCANBIO') = 33;
  NCAP_FTAXX(r, '0', 'TCANDSLBL') = 3;
  NCAP_FTAXX(r, '0', 'TCANGSLBL') = 3;
  NCAP_FTAXX(r, '0', 'TCANBIO') = 3;

The last three lines define an extrapolation option. That's it then.

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