Modelling Pumped Hydro Energy Storage
Hello Dr. Antti

Happy New Year. I hope you are doing well.

I am developing a standalone power model for India and want to add pumped hydro energy storage technology. I have the following data to define my technology.

Overall Plant Efficiency           74%
full load operation in generating mode  6 hrs/day
CYCLE EFFICIENCY              76%
PLANNED OUTAGE          10 days
Total Potential                97 GW
Capacity till 2020            3 GW
Technical lifetime            40 years
Construction time           8 years
Charging efficiency         80%
Ramp Up Rate             50% of Full Load/Minute
Ramp Down Rate            50% of Full Load/Minute
Capital Cost        935 USD/PJ
Fixed O&M         23 USD/PJ/yr

So, I have added a process where I have defined the following parameters.

Parameter         Item 5/6             2020      2030
CAP_BND           FX                         2.6       
CAP_BND           UP                                        20
NCAP_AFC          DAYNITE             0.33         0.33
NCAP_BND         UP                                        20
NCAP_COST                                 935           935
NCAP_FOM                                   23              23
NCAP_ILED                                   -8              -8
NCAP_TLIFE                                  40             40
STG_CHRG                                   0.95        0.95
STG_EFF                                       0.9          0.9
STG_LOSS                                    0.03        0.03

The model horizon is extended till 2070, and I have the following queries:
  1.  I wanted to add cycle efficiency with STG_MAXCYC, but I couldn't find that in my parameter list (my TIMES version 6.9.24)

  2. How could I model ramp up and down rate for this process, and what are the parameters?

  3. How could I add 'full load operation in the generating mode' and overall plant efficiency? 

  4. With the above parameters, I was able to run the model, and in the results, I only got capacity numbers for this process but NO Activity nor VAR FLO OUT. Why is the process not generating even if it has capacity?


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