The constraints of 2015 still work in 2020
If you are fixing input shares by FLO_SHAR(FX), please use interpolation option 1.  And similarly if you use NCAP_AFA(FX) (or NCAP_AF(FX)).  They have worked well for me. But you should also recall that FLO_SHAR and NCAP_AF are vintage-dependent, and so it is preferable to use NCAP_AFA if you want to fix the capacity factors only in the Base year, because NCAP_AFA is never vintaged. If necessary, with user-constraints you can always define non-vintaged constraints for a single year.

If you need more help, please show the technology parameters (from VEDA2 Item Details) to see how you are defining your share constraints, and tell also whether the process/processes are vintaged or not.

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