What's the best way to model tax credit?
(06-01-2021, 02:49 AM)Antti-L Wrote: Vehicles are usually modelled by processes where the capacity is the number of vehicles, the input flow(s) represent the energy consumption, and the output flow(s) represent the amount of v-km / p-km / t-km (possibly several flows according to travel distance).

FLO_TAX and FLO_SUB can be used for defining a tax / subsidy in proportional to any of the flows of a vehicle process. However, if the credit is related to a tax on vehicle purchase (investment), you can use NCAP_ITAX / NCAP_ISUB for defining an investment tax / subsidy per vehicle. And if it is related to an annual tax on vehicle use, you can use NCAP_FTAX / NCAP_FSUB (annual fixed tax / subsidy per vehicle). I think it is up to the modeller to decide which is the best way to model any such tax credits, but instead of adjusting the vehicle investment costs, I think would rather use NCAP_ITAX / NCAP_ISUB.

Thank you Antti, this is really helpful!

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