Questions about NCAP_CEH and FLO_SHAR in VEDA-FE
(13-05-2020, 01:32 PM)Antti-L Wrote: Hmm... I don't quite understand. Why do you ask about my TFM_UPD table about Share in syssetting file?  You said the problem was about ~FI_T table, where you specified LO in the the Limtype column.  And the example file you provided only contained such a ~FI_T table.

The ~TFM_UPD table in Syssettings is used only for defining default interpolation options.  It does not affect the original parameters defined via ~FI_T tables. So, it only adds interpolation options into the SysSettings scenario.

Ok, I thought they were related. I know it is a mistake now. I will try again to find the mistake in my FI_T table. Thank you!

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