Constraints of trade process can not work

   I'am trying to build electricity trade process in TIMES, but in the results some constraints can't work. Like "ACT_BND" and "FLO_BND".
For example, the FLO_BND of a process

[Image: bt6FqD4GgUfH1TO.png]

and in results:

[Image: JdMR6LUYWhFxqbQ.png]

The activity of the process in result is much bigger than the value which I set in the FLO_BND, and when I use the ACT_BND , the acticity is still bigger than the constriants although the result is different from the result with FLO_BND.

Why it happens and which kind of constraints should I use to contral the electricity in the trade process?

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Constraints of trade process can not work - by q-z17 - 02-12-2019, 01:52 PM

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