Storage process with two different commodities flowing out
Dear Antti,

Yes, the model does not choose storage and other techs that are not competitive. Then, to check that a technology is working properly, I force the activity (ACT_BND) of the process.

In these results, the relation Var_Act (T1)+Var_FIn(T1)–Var_FOut(T1)= Var_Act(T2)  does not hold. Per instance, In the first period it is used (2020), in the first season S1Q1-S1Q12 there is a VAR_ACT = 0.43732, the same in each TS of all S1. But, it is not charged in the whole season and has you said, that VAR_FIn is only accounting for losses, so, summing up all VAR_FIn does not gives VAR_ACT plus losses. The summary of all VAR_FIn = 0.00024

As I understand, to have a charge (VAR_ACT) the process has to be charged up to that level inside the same season (DAYNITE Level). It seems like the charge was coming from nowhere, that is why I say "Using PCG = NRG did not work, I also listed both commodities under PCG but it also did not work"

I did not mean TIMES is not working, I meant it did not work to solve what I was seeing as an inconsistent result. I thought I was making an error somewhere else. but if it is ok that the relation does not hold in this case and I can not check storage techs in this way, then I would try other ways of triggering this storage process.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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