Error with transmission process
(20-08-2019, 06:06 PM)Antti-L Wrote:
(20-08-2019, 03:56 PM)vsaini Wrote: Now the issue is when I am running the model and analysing the result, I observed that my EEG input (Var_FLO_IN) for BH_TNW process is not equal to the sum of all EEG produced by power plants.
Now for testing, I removed the NCAP_Cost from my process BH_TNW and I get the below number i.e. EEG Generation = EEG (var_flo_in) for BH_TNW except for year 2015. I am unable to understand why the factor NCAP_cost for process BH_TNW is creating this issue.
The obvious explanation is that you have overproduction: Your power plants produce more than what goes to inland demand and exports. Why does it not then get exported when you have the NCAP_COST? Obviously the existing capacity of BH_TNW is not sufficient for exporting all of it, and the export price is not sufficiently high to merit investing into BH_TNW all the additional capacity that would be needed for exporting the full surplus, when the investment costs are those as you had specified by NCAP_cost.

If desired, you could force all produced electricity to be fed into BH_TNW by setting COM_BNDNET(r,'0',ELEG,ANNUAL,UP)=2. I have no possibility to know why your model maintains such high production levels and is then even wasting it, but I guess it is probably zero-cost renewable generation in some timeslices with abundant hydro/solar/wind.
Dear Dr Antti, 

Thank you for your reply. Please see the PDF for model results at different export prices. 

Warm regards
Vinay Saini

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