Question regarding TIMES modeling of loadcurves
(18-07-2019, 09:20 PM)Antti-L Wrote:
Lukasz Wrote:I am writing you with a question regarding the modeling of loadcurves for commoditities, which are not Demand-Commodities and can have a flow from more than one source.
My question relates to the commodity VEHSTI (VehicleStorageIN) : I would like to place some sort of FLO_FR, UC_FLO on Timeslice level (here: weekly) to enforce an exogenously given loadcurve for that commodity.
How to implement an enforced loadcurve (distribution of Flows per TS) for commodity VEHSTI?
 • From my understanding a FLO_FR will not work since it is defined PER process and not as a sum of processes, correct?
 • How to model a load curve for a commodity (which is not a demand) and which can come from a variety of processes?

Thanks Antti, although I had some trouble with your second approach (I didn't quite get the nested contraint running), the first method worked fine.
I just had to define BOTH, the "load process" and the new commodity C2 on an annual level to make the COMFR work. For some reason with C2 on weekly level my "construct" didn't work. Also the first approach is much smaller in database size, I can only recommend it. Thanks again Antti!

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