Hydro pumped storage
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(15-07-2019, 08:01 AM)Anna Wrote: Hi, 
   The timelice  is DYANITE for renewable energy and SEASON for fossil energy, and I want to store the renewable energy only by pumped energy storage, which parameter should be used?  It seems that STG or STS are not suitable for this model.
   Thank you very much.

Hello Anna,
I do not know how many DAYNITE time slice you have. But, as pumped hydro plants are usually operated at intra-day level as energy arbitrage device, you can define them as STGTSS (storage process between timeslices) with Tslvl as DAYNITE.   
   Thanks for your reply. There are 12 DAYNITE time slices in my model, and now I want to store the surplus electrical energy from renewable energy, not the fossil energy. I have tried the way as you suggested, while the result is the same as before. I am still puzzled about the storage process.
   Thank you very much.

Hello Anna,

I think your question is how to track the storage charge-discharge profiles using only RE plants, rather proper selection of timeslice level or storage process group. 
It depends on how you structure your RES to track commodity flow according to your wish. Usually storage process like PHS is grid connected and it stores grid electricity. There are some cases where storage like battery is connected with a RE farm for capacity firming purpose (this is somewhat your case).

I have attached a figure (st_res.pdf) illustrating a way how you can restructure your RES to track storage charge discharge only by RE plants.
Let me know whether it solves your problem. 

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