Limited/Unlimited Renewable Issue
If I choose hydro , wind and other renewable energy sources as unlimited renewable (FRERENEW) commodity; the solution is optimal.

But if I consider these sources as limited renewable (LIMRENEW) commodity, solution is infeasible.

I want to limit the potential of hydro energy and want to make it recognized  not as source with unlimited potential  but as source with 1 PJ (for example) maximum limit. FLO_BND parameter is useful for process by process but not for all flow share same year.

Do I need to add another parameter to make them LIMRENEW and limit the flow of source in a year or
Is there a way to limit the total flow of source in a year?

My model is attached herewith in .xls file, rename extension to .mdb to open.

This post is actually sent by Eda DAL.

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