I am Kelly Chou from Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan. I am studying MARKAL-STOCHASTIC and have some problems about the model results analysis.  I hope I can get some help by your modeling experiences. My problems of modeling are below:

(1)How to get the Expected Value of Perfect Information (EVPI) from model results? As I learn the formula for EVPI=COSThedge-Σpi l COSTPFi , I am not clear how to find the "COSThedge" and "COSTPFi" in MARKAL result parameters. Do they mean the "D.TOTCOST"(Discounted Total System Cost, Net of Taxes & Subsidies) in MARKAL result parameters?

(2)The constraints of market share, setting in model, will not be effected while running MARKAL-Stochastic but they are effective in running Standard MARKAL. It results in incorrect technologies portfolio in running MARKAL-Stochastic. Have you ever run into this kind of problems in running MARKAL-Stochastic? If you did, could you tell me how to deal with the problems?
Thank you for your attention.
Best Regards.
Kelly Chou

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