FLO_FUNC storage process
Dear Antti,

I am a fresh user of TIMES models (although, have some GAMS modelling experience) from IVL, Sweden.
Currently, I am trying to figure out how to represent a seasonal thermal energy storage in one of our models. 
I improved greatly my understanding of the storage modelling approach by reading the Documentation Part II file and by following your replies here: https://iea-etsap.org/forum/showthread.php?tid=168&highlight=storage

However, there are two issues/questions I would still like to clarify:

1) If I model a seasonal energy storage and I know that losses are 0.18 %/day, is it correct to define the STG_LOSS attribute as follows:

   STG_LOSS = 0.18 * 365 / 100

2) A bit trickier issue - I would like to account for electricity consumption that occurs during the operation of a storage. I have tried to account for the consumption using a FLO_FUNC attribute ( in a way shown in the attached Excel file) but obviously have done it wrongly since the model run is terminated (LST file is also attached).
May I ask you to look into the attached files and tell me how to fix this issue with Auxiliary flows in/our storage processes.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 
Have a great day,

Attached Files
.xls   SubRES_DHS_Storage.XLS (Size: 60.5 KB / Downloads: 5)
.txt   ReWARDHeat_ClimLo_UEH_LTDH_withTES_LowPrice_LOSSEL.txt (Size: 9.68 KB / Downloads: 4)
1) Yes.
2) Fixes: A) Define the CG1 and CG2 correctly for FLO_FUNC; I assume the ELCIMP input is meant proportional to the input flow HCE. B) Make sure you define the PCG correctly.  C) Make sure FI_T is at correct position. See picture below:
Dear Antti,

thanks for such a fast reply. I will try to make the suggested changes asap. Hope it works.

Thanks again for your time.


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