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PRC_REFIT - AkramS - 05-04-2024

Hello,  I saw that the TIMES attribute "PRC_REFIT(reg,prc,p)" for the modeling of RF/LE options has been introduced.   For one of our new investment technologies in a SUBRES file a "re-investment" (meaning additional investment cost) after a specified number of years is needed. Could you please provide me with an example, showing how to do this in a TIMES table? Thank you in advance. //AkramS

RE: PRC_REFIT - Antti-L - 08-04-2024

Yes TIMES supports retrofit and life-extension options for processes.  The process with the original capacity installed is called the host process, and each host process can be modelled with one or several retrofit and/or life-extension options. The documentation is found here. There are some examples linked on the VEDA Forum, see e.g. the following thread: CCS retrofit file documentation